Injector Testing

Rather than suspecting your injectors are faulty, have them tested.

We can test the following common rail injectors:

  • Bosch Car 
  • Bosch Truck
  • Bosch Piezo
  • Delphi
  • Denso
  • Siemens

What We Do:

  • Ultrasonically clean the injectors
  • Visual inspection to check for cracks or signs of damage
  • Nozzle measurements
  • Electric solenoid test or Piezo testing (depending on style)
  • Machine testing using injector test bench unit, test plans specifically designed for each different injector style / type
  • Machine test accurately measures both injection spray volume and leak off amounts.
  • Mid and Idle as well as Pilot and leak off volumes. These ranges will give a great indicator of your injectors current performance and life span.
Pump Testing

The Diesel Centre has highly trained technicians to diagnose, test, repair and rebuild your pump using quality and genuine parts.